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Sweet Dreams

Every room starts with an inspiration whether it's a piece of art, a rug, or a swatch of drapery fabric. 
 In this case it was a chandelier.
This unique beauty is new, but looks old, --and it inspired the vintage look we wanted to bring to this Guest Room.
Though the room wan't furnished yet, the soft sage walls and shell-pink ceiling suggested a muted, romatic palette.  An aged wallpaper effect would be a perfect for this room:   a pale pink strie over the green walls  with a subtle pattern on top.  The trim would be painted antique gold  to mimic the chandelier.
Here's how the project developed:
Wide panels were marked off on the wall, then painted with a sheer pink glaze.

A large damask design was painted on top,   using pearl white paint. No need to worry about perfect coverage, we wanted a faded effect.    This was the fun part!

And because every room needs a little surprise, a mouse was painted just outside the closet door. 

PAINTING TIP A Romantic Mood  is especially nice in a be…

a Buffet of Change

For those of us who like immediate gratification, a paint brush is like a magic wand.   In an instant (well almost!) walls and furniture  can be changed into something unique.... something that fits our decor... something that makes us smile every day.
Let me share with you a recent project that shows the power of paint.
This small buffet had been in my client's family for years.   In fact, it had been painted once upon a time.  But now it didn't fit into the sleek dining room being designed for a young, eneergetic family. 
So, a change was needed.

The walls were painted light beige and the ceiling - dark taupe.  The focal point of this room was a huge round table  and the stylish chocolate brown  drum-shade chandelier hanging above it.
The buffet would be a bright accent in this neutral, but certainly not boring, room.  Four dining chairs had apple green velvet seats,  and the other four were black and white. 
 We settled on painting the buffet apple green.