Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Every room starts with an inspiration
whether it's a piece of art,
a rug, or a swatch of drapery fabric. 

 In this case it was a chandelier.

This unique beauty is new, but looks old,
--and it inspired the vintage look
we wanted to bring to this Guest Room.

Though the room wan't furnished yet,
the soft sage walls and shell-pink ceiling
suggested a muted, romatic palette. 
An aged wallpaper effect would be a perfect for this room: 
 a pale pink strie over the green walls
 with a subtle pattern on top. 
The trim would be painted antique gold
 to mimic the chandelier.

Here's how the project developed:

Wide panels were marked off on the wall,
then painted with a sheer pink glaze.

A large damask design was painted on top,  
using pearl white paint.
No need to worry about perfect coverage,
we wanted a faded effect.   
This was the fun part!

And because every room needs a little surprise,
a mouse was painted just outside the closet door. 

A Romantic Mood  is especially nice in a bedroom because it is inviting and peaceful.  Use colors that are soft and mellow without a lot of contrast between them.  Not sure what colors to use?  Take your cue from Nature --think about the colors of hydrangeas as they fade from summer into autumn.


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