Friday, November 20, 2009

Boy's & their Toys

Moms often tell me that when it comes
to painting and decorating their little boys' rooms
they feel left out. 
Oh, there are lots of pink, frilly items out there,
but the pickin's are slim if you're shopping for blue. 
That's where I can help. 
By working together, Moms and I find a way
to create a room that is special for their little ones.
Here's a nursery that was painted
while a young couple awaited their first child's arrival. 
Dad proudly serves his community as a fireman
 and asked for a fire truck motif.

With the upper walls painted chambray blue
and the lower half painted chocolate brown
it was time to the fun to begin.
The first step was in the studio. 
 After pouring over snapshots of fire trucks
and finding one that could be adapted for this room,
I enlarged my drawing onto craft paper. 
A pounce drawing is a way of transferring a design onto a wall.  Tiny pin holes are punched into the paper
along each line,
then powdered charcoal is dabbed,
or pounced, over the holes. 
When the paper is removed, the drawing remains.

Using artistic license,
we decided to add a fireman's hat, just like Dad's. 
He was pleased -
and I hope their little one will be, too.





Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Put it in Writing

This season I am seeing monograms used everywhere,
from clothing and handbags, to table linens and pillows. 
A monogram adds an elegant, classic touch to any room. 

But lettering and monograms aren't limited only to fabric. 
We can personalize our walls, too. 
 It's a great way to put a unique stamp on our homes.

The walls of this dining room
were painted first with a faded map of the Mediterranean,
including places sentimental to the client. 
Then, I lettered the names of their favorite Italian cities.
 The walls are a perfect backdrop
for the owner's European-inspired decor,
 and a reminder of the places they've visited. 
Plus, the walls get conversation started
when friends come for dinner.

Words can also inspire. 
 I often use them to decorate
the narrow space above kitchen cabinets. 

Embellished with hand-painted vines and fruit,
is a familiar verse, Galatians 5:22. 
"The Fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace,
 Patience, Kindness, Goodness,
Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control."

One busy Mom told me she wanted to look up
 from her seat at the table
 and see the word "Patience" every day,
because with three very active pre-schoolers,
she needed a reminder!

And sometimes, a simple single monogram
can be very effective. 
As I painted this in a teenager's elegant, girly-girl room,
 I wondered if she'd ever want leave home
 for life for a dorm-room. 
Would you?

As you look around your home,
you'll see places here lettering could be used. 
 Finding a spot in your home for the words won't be difficult,
but often deciding what to say is.
  Should your message be whimsical? 
 Thought provoking?
Only you can decide.

If your imagination needs a jumpstart,
there are websites that offer hundreds of suggestions. 
You might like to begin with

Then the question becomes how to geet the writing on the wall.  Here are two suggestions. 
Both involve having your quote cut from vinyl material
that will adhere to the wall. 
Both are easy. 
 Both are perfect for folks who feel "painting impaired."

In one instance, vinyl letters are applied directly to the wall. 
Check out  for this. 
Or, discard the letters and use the cut-out vinyl as a stencil. 
You simply paint inside the cut-out. 
Look at the Say What section of their site.

So go ahead.....don't be shy.  Express yourself.


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