Friday, November 20, 2009

Boy's & their Toys

Moms often tell me that when it comes
to painting and decorating their little boys' rooms
they feel left out. 
Oh, there are lots of pink, frilly items out there,
but the pickin's are slim if you're shopping for blue. 
That's where I can help. 
By working together, Moms and I find a way
to create a room that is special for their little ones.
Here's a nursery that was painted
while a young couple awaited their first child's arrival. 
Dad proudly serves his community as a fireman
 and asked for a fire truck motif.

With the upper walls painted chambray blue
and the lower half painted chocolate brown
it was time to the fun to begin.
The first step was in the studio. 
 After pouring over snapshots of fire trucks
and finding one that could be adapted for this room,
I enlarged my drawing onto craft paper. 
A pounce drawing is a way of transferring a design onto a wall.  Tiny pin holes are punched into the paper
along each line,
then powdered charcoal is dabbed,
or pounced, over the holes. 
When the paper is removed, the drawing remains.

Using artistic license,
we decided to add a fireman's hat, just like Dad's. 
He was pleased -
and I hope their little one will be, too.






  1. Hi Sharon,

    I absolutely love your new web page and blog!
    It looks great and its so informative.........

    What an encourager you are to so many!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. great photos and advice! love it!

  3. these pics are great! i love the plane whizzing through the room, and the dinosaurs are especially cool. entertaining and informative, i've got to check in on this blogspot more often...


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