Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

As Christmas rapidly approaches,
there are always a few last minute painting projects that pop up, and I'm happy to do them
  because usually they are gifts for someone special. 
 I feel like one of Santa's helpers.

Today, I had the pleasure of personalizing
 a small toy chest that a thoughtful Grandpa
put together for his new grand daughter. 
As I began to work, the family cat joined me. 
Don't you think he fits into the pink and white decor

Before the baby arrived,
the nursery was painted in a soft palette
of taupe, pink and cream. 
The new mother wanted a room
that her daughter could grow with,
so we decided against using a theme. 
Instead, a delicate damask design was painted
at eye level forming a border around the room. 
Then for some "glam", Swarovski crystals
were glued onto the design. 
 The crystals twinkle in the sunlight,
but unfortunately, they don't photograph very well.

 Merry Christmas baby Francesca. 
 At just a few weeks of age,
you're too young to appreciate your pretty room,
but someday you'll be old enough to enjoy what your mother planned especially for you.

....and Merry Christmas to each of you, too!



  1. i've been loving damask lately. and i really love how it looks in this room! the idea of crystals in the pattern is fantastic - you're giving me ideas... ! =)

  2. Very beautiful, Sharon! Bravo!


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