Saturday, December 5, 2009

Second Time Around

Here's how a cast-off twin bed 
 purchased from a resale shop for a thrifty $25
transformed into a wonderful bench. 
Thanks to my very resourceful friend, Sherry,
I've discovered the fun of re-sale. 
This bench will be part of a joint project we are working on. 
When the project is complete, I promise more photos.


The headboard became the back of the bench,
 and the footboard was cut in half to make the sides. 
Trimming another 6" from each piece
 made the sides fit perfectly.

Reinforcement was needed to make the seat sturdy. 
 A little measuring, sawing, gluing and clamping
was needed to make everything fit just right.

Once the seat was in place,
it was time for me to fill the nail holes, sand prime and paint. 
My favorite part! 
Now I need make a cushion.
  Voila! - a very wonderful, recycled bench. 


And where will this go? 
 Stay tuned. 
But I will give a hint. 
 It will share the spotlight with this little cabinet,
another recycled piece of furniture. 
 Both will soon have a new home.



  1. love it! i can't wait to see the pics of it when it's completed!

  2. I am just so impressed with this kind of transformation. It takes such vision and skill, which you have in abundance. Thanks for stopping by to comment on our headboard bench project. -- Jane F.


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