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Think Pink

A New Year often comes with new opportunities.
During these past weeks, I've been working closely with one of my creative friends, Sherry, on a project that continues to be both fun and exciting,  as we opened a small boutique  catering to the princess crowd.  Sherry is amazingly talented with fabric, trim and all things girly-girl.  I get to play with paint.   Together we make a great team.
Now creating a shop wasn't anything we planned to do, but opportunityy knocked and we answered.   The shop is in conjunction with The Tea Party Castle, a children's party venue that rivals any Disney experience.   The new shop features our Princess Package, room decor fit for young royalty.
Earlier this week we set up the display  and everything went smoothly.  Well, almost.  Except for the part when I mis-measured the holes for hanging the drapery crown  and fumbled with the hardware while poor Sherry suffered under the weight of holding up all the fabric.  Ultimately we traded places and she …

New Year, New Paint

The clock has struck 12 and a New Year has begun, one filled with a wealth of creative possibilities. 
 My wish for each of you is that you make time to explore, enjoy and nurture the creativeness that lies within. 
Be free in expressing yourself for the pure joy of it.  Let's not be shy, or fret that our efforts may not be perfect.   But rather, be content to bring our personal touch onto the everyday things we do -- whether its growing vegetables, spending time with children, holding a meeting or doing laundry.  Let's resolve to do all with a sense of excitement and unique purpose, striving for excellence, not perfection.
H a p p y   N e w   Y e a r  !___________________
Because we live in a northern climate, this is the time of year when we're inside more often.   Autumn's glorious golden days are a distant memory, and the weather outside the window is blustery and grey.
It's the time of year when we feel like nesting.  We look at our rooms and dream of change  --of wr…