Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Paint

The clock has struck 12 and a New Year has begun,
one filled with a wealth of creative possibilities. 

 My wish for each of you
is that you make time to explore,
and nurture
the creativeness that lies within. 

Be free in expressing yourself for the pure joy of it. 
Let's not be shy, or fret that our efforts
may not be perfect. 
 But rather, be content to bring
our personal touch onto the everyday things we do --
whether its growing vegetables,
spending time with children,
holding a meeting or
doing laundry. 
Let's resolve to do all with a sense of excitement and unique purpose, striving for excellence, not perfection.

H a p p y   N e w   Y e a r  !___________________

Because we live in a northern climate,
this is the time of year when we're inside more often. 
 Autumn's glorious golden days are a distant memory,
and the weather outside the window is blustery and grey.

It's the time of year when we feel like nesting. 
We look at our rooms and dream of change
 --of wrapping ourselves with color
that feels cozy and warm like a quilt. 
You may find this is the perfect time of year
 to express your creativity by painting your walls.

Color is our most affordable pleasure. 
We can use it to perk up our mood and chase away any winter "blahs" that may be knocking at our door.

But is there a way to take the guesswork out of choosing a color?

Let's play with two webistes that are fun to use, and will help ease any color anxiety. is a free on-line tool
that turns photos into color plaettes. 
Developed for the website-graphic designer crowd,
the site offers more options than I'd ever need. 
 My favorite part of the site
is the ability to develop a color palette
from artwork, image or photo. 
You can do this from the opening page.

Here's the image I experimented with. 
It's a colorful art print that hangs in my livingroom.
  With the click of a button,
 the photo yeilded a palette with 10 colors
 ranging from french vanilla, pumpkin,
rusty red, olive and brown. 
You can narrow the field to 3 colors,
or expand it to 50. 
Have fun and play!

To turn these colors into actual paint you can buy at the store,
write down the RGB numbers next to the swatch you like. 
 Then travel to another site:

Click on the tab titled "RGB to Commercial Tints"
at the top of the page and type in your number. 
 Select a paint manufacturer from the drop-down menu
and VOILA! 
 Four color matches appear with the name of the swatch and number for easy reference.  

Armed with swatches,
its time to head to your favorite paint store. 
Here's what I ended up with,
including swatches of fabric and rug. 
 And while the store is closed today because of the holiday, who knows what possibilites lie ahead for tomorrow?


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