Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back Door Guests are Best

Back hallways can be a challenge to keep looking fresh. 
 Not only do we tend to drop everything there,
 but children's backpacks,
bags of groceries,
sporting equipment
and trash going in and out the door.
All take their toll on the walls.

Often, I am asked to paint the wall
so that  the scuffs and dings of daily life
won't show too much.

  That's a tall order for any paint! 
But with a little ingenuity,
 it is possible to perk up this busy part of the home. 

Here are a few ideas.

Because this back hallway led to a side porch,
guests used this area as well as family. 
The owner wanted something serviceable,
but also stylish and neutral.  
You can see that the inspiration
for this space came from the owner's framed art.

The colors for the walls
were chosen directly from the artwork:
 taupe, beige and white. 
They were applied full strength, straight from the can
with an inexpensive chip brush. 
The jagged bristles of the brush create the slubbed look.

And the red accents are cheerful, aren't they?


Painted limestone block
was the answer for another client's back hall. 
The soft warm colors of the stone
 echo those used throughout the home. 
And if the walls get damaged, who would know?

One Mom, who had several active teenage boys,
 wanted a treatment for her back hallway
 that was indestructable. 

She chose a rough sandstone texture
that would stand up to anything the boys
and their friends might give it. 
 Because the hall is narrow, it would be overpowering
to have the stone effect go all the way up to the ceiling. 

So we opted to put the texture
 only on the lower portion of the wall,
where most of the scuffs occured,
and capped it to resemble a stone wall.

Then, there's my own back hallway. 
It too, posed a challenge. 
I learned the hard way that our home's original wallpaper
had been applied over raw drywall. 
No paint. 
No sizing.  
Impossible to remove. 

So I decided to prime the old paper and paint over it.

Because this was for me,
I played a bit, trying my hand
at painting a false stone dado,
a drape of fabric, 
some lettering and topiaries.

  The French words are the rooms
and various parts of a house. 
..... even the most mundane things look
and sound better in French, n'est-ce pas?



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  1. Beautiful work Sharon. These are such creative ideas for a back hallway!


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