Sunday, February 21, 2010

Country French Fireplace

If you enjoy design, color and home decor, you probably like seeing the before and after photos of projects.  Isn't that what intrigues us about those home-style shows on HGTV?  Seeing a major transformation from dull to dramatic all within a fast-paced half hour TV show!

Well, in real life we know that change takes longer than a half hour, but that doesn't make the fun of the reveal any less exciting.

Friday, I did a mini make-over for a friend as she prepared to move into her new home.  The painters had just finished.  Gone were the bold colors from the previous owner.  Now the scheme was neutral and sophisticated.

It was the kitchen fireplace that needed help.  Architecturally, it was fabulous, but the golden wood tones had to go.  Let's paint it white, and give it a "shabby-chic, French-country look.  Oh yes!

From this

to this

And finally to this!


And let's change the dining chairs from black to white, too.

Monday morning, the moving van arrives with the rest of her furnishings.  I can hardly wait to see how the entire kitchen looks once the farm table and armoire is in place.  Maybe I'll conveniently drop by with some coffee and cake.....just to say "hello" of course.


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  1. You once again out did yourself. You are such a blessing to your friends. The fireplace mantel and chairs are just simply wonderful! I'm sure she loved them. Who wouldn't!


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