Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Night and Sweet Dreams

This week was fun, with lots to do.  Let me offer a peek into an on-going project that just gets more interesting each time I visit.

The owner is a dynamic individual who confidently mixes the clean lines of contemporary decor with classic European style...and a dash of theater.  The main walls in the home are painted gallery white and boast an eclectic collection of art.

However, in the spacious master suite, the mood changes.  Here the colors are warmer and muted.   We begin with a fresh coat of honey colored paint, and wash the walls with layers of sienna, dusty purple and olive for depth and character.

The headboard is an old iron garden gate.  Isn't it impressive?  Now why can't I find something like this when I go antique hunting?

You can see the front wall is defined by grand floor to ceiling windows.  But the crisp white trim was too fresh for the vintage look the owner wanted to create.  So the windows were painted to look at though they had years of chipped, peeled, paint on them.  I confess this was challenging for me, because I tend to err on the side of being conservative.  With prodding from the client, more layers of paint were blocked, sanded and stained, until it was just right.  Snippets of gold leaf were added for fun....and they sparkle in the evening.  I love these windows!

To add to the illusion of age, the front wall was textured with stone and additional cracks were painted.
With the bed-sit completed, it was time to re-work the master bath.  Again, mixing old with new was the goal.  First, the walls were painted to resemble tea-stained wallpaper.

Then the cabinets were distressed with a variety of textures.

The hallway joining these two dramatic spaces needed its own identity, one that harmonized with both areas, but was equally interesting.  Limestone blocks were painted on the walls and the doors were aged to blend with the other rooms.


Because I like to add an element of surprise into each design, I decided to make plaques for each of the four hallway doors using antique numbers, prompting one to wonder, perhaps, what lies beyond.  


And what could be nicer -- this cozy retreat was completed in time for a
                                                       Happy Valentine's Day      




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  1. Impressive! thank you for sharing! Those windows are spectacular! Happy Valentine's Day!


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