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Small Details, Big Effect

If you've ever remodeled or built a new home, you know that the kitchen is an expensive room to outfit.  Cabinets, appliances and flooring are all major investments.  Thousands of dollars often are spent on granite countertops and artisan tile backsplashes, all to create a kitchen with the "WOW" factor, because not only do we want our kitchen to function, but be attractive as well. 

For me, plain white switch plate covers placed over the new tile detract form the beauty of the room, and they spoil the finished look of the tile.  

So, when I'm called to help paint or plaster a kitchen, I will always suggest that these unslightly covers be painted to blend in with the decor.  It's a small detail that makes a big difference, and I'm happy to do it for the client.

                                         See the difference for yourself in these rooms:

It doesn't take long to paint switch plates  Typically I prime and base coat the plates when they are off …

Who said, "You can't take it with you?"

Boys love their sports.  This lucky young fellow has a Mom who wanted his room to reflect her son's passion for any sport with a ball - from baseball to roller hockey.  You can see she did a great job of pulling it all together with a classic color scheme and great accessories.

Then she called on me because she had an idea for the closet door.  Would it be possible to paint a smooth wooden bi-fold door to look like an open locker with stuff inside?


Now boys are content to leave their dirty socks and sporting equpment strewn about, so what I was asked to paint would ocur naturally, given time.  Having painted "clutter" is one thing.  But actually having a messy room is quite another!  This Mom preferred the painted kind.

I offered a quick sketch so that we both understood and agreed what the design would look like, then took the door back to the workshop, leaned it against a wall and began to paint.

Using the sketch as a guide, the first step was to paint the…

St-Patrick's Day

Did you know that over 36 million Americans are of Irish descent? To all of you who celebrate because you're Irish, and to all of you who aren't, but celebrate with them---
Happy St-Patrick's Day _________________
In honor of St-Patrick's Day, I'll share a small project that has an Irish flair, followed by a recipe we'll be enjoying that day.
Several seaons ago, I helped a client personalize her front entrance hall.  The home is a cozy urban bungalow just a few steps from the lake.  She wanted her entry to be like a warm hug for her guests, wishing them well as they came to visit.  Also, she wanted to express her Irish ancestry.
Like many homes of this era, the ceiling was coved with a small plaster molding separating it from the rest of the wall. Decorative painting would higfhllight this detail and we decided that an Irish Blessing would be just the way to charm her friends.
While my client set about finding the perfect verse, I began the walls.
The walls were tr…

Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are fun to paint.  Because they are smaller than other rooms in the house, they're less daunting to paint, and easier (read less expensive) to accessorize.

Plus, if you are timid about using color in your home, a powder room is the perfect place to experiment being bold and dramatic.  Your family and guests will applaud your style.

This powder room began with wonderful details  - notably the mirrored wall behind an elegant vanity and deep crown molding.  But the walls were basic builder-beige.  To fulfill this room's potential, the walls needed some color and sparkle.  Bronze metallic fresco change an unassuming room into a glittering jewel box.  And it so suited the owner's feminine, elegant style.

The colors from Botticellis' Birth of Venus became an inspiration -- not only for the powder room but the entire home.  Because the home was built on a lake, the watery blue and green color scheme was just right.  With coral and pale yellow accents, the home h…