Sunday, March 7, 2010

Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are fun to paint.  Because they are smaller than other rooms in the house, they're less daunting to paint, and easier (read less expensive) to accessorize.

Plus, if you are timid about using color in your home, a powder room is the perfect place to experiment being bold and dramatic.  Your family and guests will applaud your style.

This powder room began with wonderful details  - notably the mirrored wall behind an elegant vanity and deep crown molding.  But the walls were basic builder-beige.  To fulfill this room's potential, the walls needed some color and sparkle.  Bronze metallic fresco change an unassuming room into a glittering jewel box.  And it so suited the owner's feminine, elegant style.

The colors from Botticellis' Birth of Venus became an inspiration -- not only for the powder room but the entire home.  Because the home was built on a lake, the watery blue and green color scheme was just right.  With coral and pale yellow accents, the home had a sunny, peaceful charm even on the bleakest winter day.

My job was to translate the colors in the marble and tile onto the wall and give the doors and trim an aged patina.  Oh, let's not forget to decorate the ceiling.  

I painted the ceiling pale yellow, then dusted the trim with coral and aqua.

Don't be afraid to use bold color in a small space.  The shimmering red walls in this powder room were accented with olive green and purple.  Definitely a bold move, but one that worked perfectly for this modern family.

Not all powder rooms need to be serious.  With classic white fittings the client wanted to add some color and whimsey to her powder room.  The denim jacket hanging on the wall is a sculpture!

The key to a successful powder room is to choose colors that harmonize with the rest of the home - and yes they can be deeper or bolder, but also keep the room true to your own style, be that modern, whimsical, classic or something in between.

 PAINT TIP - don't forget to look up!  Think of the ceiling as a fifth wall that needs attention.  Banish the basic white paint (unless white is an integral part of your color scheme!).  Choose a color that compliments the walls, you'll be surprised how the crown molding pops, and the room feels finished.


  1. Love the examples you show! I have a tiny powder room that continues to baffle me...


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