Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who said, "You can't take it with you?"

Boys love their sports.  This lucky young fellow has a Mom who wanted his room to reflect her son's passion for any sport with a ball - from baseball to roller hockey.  You can see she did a great job of pulling it all together with a classic color scheme and great accessories.

Then she called on me because she had an idea for the closet door.  Would it be possible to paint a smooth wooden bi-fold door to look like an open locker with stuff inside?


Now boys are content to leave their dirty socks and sporting equpment strewn about, so what I was asked to paint would ocur naturally, given time.  Having painted "clutter" is one thing.  But actually having a messy room is quite another!  This Mom preferred the painted kind.

I offered a quick sketch so that we both understood and agreed what the design would look like, then took the door back to the workshop, leaned it against a wall and began to paint.

Using the sketch as a guide, the first step was to paint the lines indicating the locker's shape.  Next, thin layers of color were washed across the doors for a mottled effect.  

Little by little, details were added and strengthened until it began to look like a locker! 

Painting the sporting equipment was a challenge.  I need to see what things look like in order to paint them.  Our house is a sports-free zone.  We don't have any soccer balls, basketballs, skates, bats or cleats  (tho' I think there's a tennis racket deep in the garage).  So I had to borrow the items I wanted to paint.  Dirty socks, however, I knew well. 

In a matter of a few days, the doors were back in their proper place.  You can see that chrome handles with padlocks were attached to the door as knobs --what a great addition to the design.  Both Mom and son were  pleased with how the new room turned out. 

Several months later, this energetic family had an opporutnity to move into a new home -- and they took the door with them!  Not wanting to leave the door behind for the next family, they replaced it with a plain one, and packed up the painted door and hung it in their son's new bedroom.

Painters' Tip
If painting a closet door isn't something you can do, or want to do, think about installing a wall paper mural in your room.    Have I shared with you ?  It's filled with inspirational ideas for every theme imaginable!  Plus, the designs can be printed to fit your space exactly, which gives your room a polished designer look.

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