Sunday, April 25, 2010

Making Change

While I don't count myself among those who fastidiously recycle
 and fret about their carbon footprint,
re-designing and painting furniture just might be my peculiar way of recycling.

Taking an old, out-dated piece of furniture
 and giving it a new life is immensely satisfying. 
Not only does painting make me smile and feed my creative hunger,
 but, it triumphantly proclaims "one less cast-off in the landfill." 
Who knew I was saving the planet, one piece of furniture at a time!

Here's another rescue.



The cabinet belongs to Miss Joyce, a Book Club friend
 who will use it a guest bedroom.
 Those flowers definitely needed to disappear!
The bedroom is painted cottage white,
with crisp white linens and a mountain of pillows. 
 One of them became the inspiration for the cabinet.


Miss Joyce made the color selections. 
 In less time than it took for us to enjoy a cup of coffee, she had chosen the colors. 
 I sat back in awe as she confidently scanned the fan decks and made her choices. 
Now that's a practiced eye for color!

But before painting comes sanding and priming. 
 These steps aren't my favorite parts of a project, but preparation is so important.
  Soon there was a smooth, new surface to work on.

Several coats of Sherwin Williams QUIET BROWN #7515 went on.
 While the cabinet dried, I began to work on the drawers.
Let's paint them just like the stripes in the pillow. 
With everything lined up, measured and taped, the fun begins.

To keep track of the colors, I wrote them on the underside of the drawer.
 But the new paint looked too fresh, too new, too clean.
 Miss Joyce favors a  weathered, vintage style.
A light sanding scuffed up the new paint.

Slip the drawers into place and add the knobs and we're ready to deliver. 
Just in time for weekend company to arrive!


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