Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Today was a glorious spring day when staying indoors was impossible.  So I set up a table outside and began a simple project, spraying a few frames.  The largest frame held a mirror, the two smaller ones, whimsical paintings.

These were for a friend who recently moved home after spending several years in South Africa.  Currently she is feathering her new nest in a lovely blend of neutral colors - cream, white dove and taupe, with a dash of muted blue.  It's a peaceful and calm oasis dotted with family treasures and wonderful objects gathered during her time abroad.  

She called and asked me to help with a few details.  Would I stop by to gather up some picture frames that needed to be painted, and could we also talk about some ideas for re-doing a dresser in her son's room. 

The frames were ornate with deep moldings and embellishment.  Their antique gold and silver leaf no longer fit into her home, but with a little paint, they could be used again.  My friend suggested painting them in a simple glossy color that would fit her new home's style.

The day itself  was pretty enough to be a picture!

Normally I would remove an item from its frame before painting - but the mirror was not cooperating, so I left it in place.  I masked the edges and put a shield over the glass to protect it from paint.

The first step was to prime the frame,

then to paint it, using high gloss Charcoal Grey. 

You can see I used paint in a spray can.  One can did two frames - for the economical price of less than $3.00.  Who can dispute the value in redecorating with paint!  

After drying in the sunshine, the tape was pulled and the paintings put back  into place.  I'll take them over to my friend's home later in the week.  They'll look much better in her home, than in my yard! 

If you have a variety of mismatched frames, a can of spray paint will work magic.  United by color, even the most oddly assorted frames can look like they were made for each other.  It's a transformation that is simple, economical, and fun!    There are so many colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your home.  So go ahead, paint something wonderful!

Painter's Tip:  Benjamin Moore now offers Custom filled spray cans.  Any color from their fan-deck! Any sheen!  Any product! These cans are great for switch plates, light fixtures, shutters or even picture frames.  


  1. Your post is so well written, in a fashion that always reminds me of the Canadian mystery writer, Gail Bowen. Thanks for the tips regarding the frames. I am sure your friend will be delighted.

  2. Sharon,
    You are so talented. I so enjoy visiting your site! Thanks for sharing.

    Shelly P


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