Sunday, April 18, 2010

1+1= 2 Cute Lamps!

There were lots of fun projects this week!  Among them was this project, a lamp make-over.  This was especially fun to do, because it was a joint effort with my talented friend, Sherry, who dressed up the lampshade, while I supplied the painting.

A project like this can easily be done by anyone.  You may already have a stray lamp in your home that you'd like to play with, or if you are a super-shopper, you might just find a bargain at a local store or resale shop.

I snagged this pair when they were on sale, which made their purchase even more enjoyable.  The shape of the lampshade caught my eye, and the size was just right for a little girl's dresser of bedside table.   But, the color-- green-- was not what I wanted.


A coat of primer gave me a clean slate to work with.  Let's use PINK.....its so girly!


You'll want to visit your paint or craft store to look at their selection a spay paint.  Chances are there is a color for your project ready for you to use.   A can of spray paint makes short work of painting an object with lots of nooks and crannies. 

Now we're ready to go.  Using the shape of the lamp, I first highlighted some of the detail, then added a few details of my own.  But not a lot of painting because I knew the fancy shade would be the star of the show.  A few quick flowers, dots and stripes and we're finished.



While I was busy painting the lamp bases, Sherry was in her workroom magically transforming the shades.

We worked separately, not knowing what the other was doing -- only that we each were using pink. I was excited to see what the lamp would look like when we brought the two pieces together.   It was a pleasant surpise.

I'm including a few of Sherry's photos from her portion of the project, but please visit her blog to see the all the steps.  She's a great teacher! 

Any one of these trims would be cute, but only a keen eye for design like Sherry's can pull them together with a wonderful result.  And of course a glue gun is a must for this job!



So maybe that lamp you don't have a use for any more, can be given a new purpose in life with a little paint and some trim.    Have fun!



  1. I think it is great how you can change objects, transform them in something entirely different. I am amazed! Nice work!

  2. You make the painting seems so effortless. You do beautiful work!


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