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Farm Table Re-do

I found this table and chairs at a barn sale a few years ago.  Their size and shape were instantly appealing -- and, surprise, they were in good shape.  One of the supports for the drop leaf needed to be replaced, but other than that, the set was in tip-top condition, considering its age.   Of course being old and oft-used brought dings and dimples, but to me this just added character.

When I bought the set, it was painted yellow and organge ---think 1970's.  And where the paint had chipped, you could see a rainbow of previous colors, including turquoise and dark green.  Why did I forget to take a "before" photo? 

The set languished in my workshop for a long time, waiting for me to get an inspiration.  That moment came when my sister moved into her new home and casually mentioned that she needed a table for her kitchen.  Knowing her style - sort of whimsical but graphic, and always with a touch of black, I was able to dive into the project.

The entire set was painted a…

No Jumping on the Bed!

As I finished up a nursery, the client's sister-in-law called to see if I could help with her daughter's room.  It was time to move from the crib into a "big girl" bed, and could I help choose a color  and a design for the walls.

Inspired by dreams of ball gowns and fairy tales, the pink and gold damask linens are an elegant mix of color and texture.  And the bed....well, let's just say that if this were mine, I'd never want to get up in the morning and paint!
Aren't these pillows scrumptious?

We decided to paint the walls gold rather than pink so the room would harmonize better with the rest of her home.  Given the sophistication of this room, I wondered what to offer that would complement the fabrics - not compete with them.  In the end, I offered three concepts, each with their own personality. 

 The client preferred the deep wall color on the left.  And she especially liked the ribbon and roses motif drawn directly from the lace pattern on the bed skirti…

A Bit of Italy

On Friday morning, I installed a small mural for a delightful client  who has transformed her lakeside home  into one with European flair.
My part of the project was to paint a vineyard scene for a false window in the lower level game room. 
After pouring over photos from her trips to Italy , the client chose a very muted pastoral scene as an inspiration for the mural.   While the carpenters and painters finished their jobs, I painted the mural in my workshop.
Here's how it grew:
Not wanting to paint on a fresh, white canvas, I first "dirtied" it up with a rub of earthy browns and umbers.   This under-painting gives depth and texture  to the colors that will be painted on top.

Using the client's photo as a guide,  the colors and shapes were washed in.

At this stage, things are rough  and I don't like anyone to see - but I did promise to send e-mail photos to the client so she could see the progress every step of the way.... I guess you can see them, too!

Little by little, the…