Sunday, June 20, 2010

Detour into the Garden

These white climbers bloom all season
Today, I'm painting furniture,
which is a slow process
of waiting for primer and paint to dry. 
 So in between each coat of paint,
 I decided to do a small project inspired by my garden. 

I'm neither a skilled nor diligent gardener.
  In fact, I'm a lazy gardener. 
I plant what pleases me and when time permits,
I attack the weeds. 
 Perennials are the backbone of my garden
 because they return each year without fuss. 

This spring I've seen a palette of beautifiul color.
 Because of all the rain,
the plants have gotten more care from Nature
than I ever would offer them. 
The flowers are thriving. 
 And best of all,
the bugs haven't begun to eat anything yet!   

...and just outside my kitchen window this rose bush
bursts with magnificent color.

Even the flower boxes on the railing look nice.

Tangles of  Silver Lace have devoured the arbor.

Surrounded with all these fresh flowers,
I felt inspired to create something "garden-y",
but what? 
I remembered a photo of a wreath designed
around a garden hose
 and decided make one for my front door.   

The base of the wreath is a coiled piece of garden hose. 
Three loops seemed about right
to make a wreath of about 18-20" in diameter. 
 I added new brass fittings
on the cut ends of the hose to finish them off. 
 From a 50' garden hose,
I was able to cut three wreaths
 -- enough for two friends and me!

Green pipe cleaners secured
an assortment of silk flowers
 and stems to the hose. 
There was no rhyme nor reason to the arrangement.
 I just kept adding flowers
until my eye was satisfied. 
A green ribbon popped into the center
.... and voila! 
A wreath that defintely says "GARDEN". 


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  1. You have such great ideas! You have a very original mind - I like it! Your garden is marvelous!


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