Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Table Talk

Whether its in the kitchen, dining room or on the back porch,
when friends and family gather, there's usually a table in the middle. 
 And if the table is pretty -
that's even better!

After sharing my sister's table with you last week,
 I thought you might enjoy these, also.

This table began life as a stained oak table with two leaves. 
Once upon a time, the client painted the top white
with added fruit and a dark green border. 
The chairs were also painted white. 
It was a charming set
- and I wish I had remembered to take a "before" photo to share with you. 
But times change and so did her decor. 
 Rather than white, a more sophisticated look was needed. 

Let's paint the table black, leaving the oak pedestal stained,
but rub the edges for a vintage look.


                              Inspiration for the design on the table top was the fabric chosen for pillows.
                          Its a Jacobean design, resembling a tapestry. You can see a bit of it in this photo.


                                          I translated the design onto the table, then lightly sanded.


                                           It was such fun to see the table and chairs in their place of honor
                                                         coupled with a banquette lined with pillows.  
                                                                   What a great place for tea!

My sister found this sturdy table at the curb one morning while walking her dogs. 
Now, why would someone throw this away? 
Hoping that it wouldn't be snagged by another 'curb-side shopper', 
she jogged home and got her car. 
 What a treasure!  Then she shared it with me. 
 I purchased chairs from World Bazaar
finding their clean lines made a perfect match for the table.

I donated the set to a charity auction. 
 Later, I learned that the woman with the winning bid
uses it as a bridge table on her summer porch.
  How great is that!
Once you start painting,
you'll look at cast-offs with a new eye,
not seeing their limitations and flaws, but only their potential.  
 And isn't that a great lesson for life? 
 It's too easy to see the flaws in people and situations,
but to focus instead on the potential
is a mind-set worth cultivating.

Happy Painting!

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