Sunday, June 13, 2010

Raspberry and Orange Parfait

       An orange and raspberry room is not for the timid! 

This bold, cheeful nursery was done three years ago, just before the guest of honor's arrival.  Her mom tells me that the room suits her young daughter's exuberant personality perfectly.  Her daughter loves the whimsical jungle animals and is especially fond of monkeys.

Today, the baby that once occupied the crib, has graduated into her big-girl bed.  By placing that bed under the window, the chenille chair could move closer, making the perfect spot for reading bedtime stories....or taking a cat nap.  Do you see Franky, the orange tabby cat, hiding next to the chair?  Doesn't he fit so nicely into the decor?

These pillows are wonderful, and there are even monkey sheets!

Color and pattern take center stage in this room.  There's a lot going on!  Among the other animals, there is an elephant spewing flowers,  a girl watering her garden and a large tree stretching onto the ceiling.

But, a room isn't done until the last detail is in place and the little girl had a request - could I please paint a princess and a monkey in her room?  Oh, and the princess's crown should sparkle

So keeping the same whimsical style, I painted a silly monkey offering a banana to the princess.  It makes no sense, but why not?  Whimsy and fantasy are all part of a child's imagination and this little girl enoys both.

Lucky little girl!

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