Sunday, June 27, 2010

Walls that Shimmer

A beautiful powder room is a gift you give your guests. 

When the owners moved into their new home, they inherited a powder room that didn't fit their style at all.  So we set about changing walls previously painted with a mural of trees and sky, into something more suitable and elegant. 

A grey green metallic fresco was chosen because it complimented our inspiration piece - a mirror that once belonged to the client's grandmother.

First the ceiling was painted.  This is always a nice touch for any room, but here it was especially important because the room was small and the ceiling was high, 9 feet. 

Color on the ceiling alows the deep crown molding to be featured.

With the toilet and vanity removed, the painting could begin.  Thin layers of metallic fresco were applied to the wall, giving it soft variations in color and texture.

Here's where it started.

And here's some progress.

The fleur-de-lis were added using gold leaf.

Finally the light fixtures and fittings could be installed
and Grandmother's mirror presided over all.

In the end a casual powder room turned into an elegant gem that the new owner was pleased to share with her guests.

happy painting!

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