Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cracked Up

One of this week's projects
was getting a bathroom ready for guests. 
Earlier, the designer chose stylish wallpaper
for the vanity portion of the bath. 
It was a perfect fit for this masculine room. 
My assignment was to create
a companion paint design
for the adjacent shower area.

We decided upon lightly cracked, stained walls
that looked like old leather. 
The background of the wallpaper was similar,
so the wallpaper and my paint
would work well together.

I started with fresh paint--
Smokey Topaz (Sherwin Williams 6117).
  Wet, the paint was the color of a Halloween pumpkin
(oh dear!), but dry it was just right.

The beginning stage of this project isn't very pretty,
 in fact it looks like bizzare leopard spots. 
It's frightening! 
Thankfully the owner was gone
for the afternoon and never saw this.

The clear crackle medium was applied
over the black spots. 
 A thin coating yields small cracks,
while a thick layer makes big ones. 
 I opted for one thin coating. 
When the crackle was dry, I rolled the wall color
 over each black patch
and waited for the magic to happen. 
The cracks are small, but they're there!

The final stage was to stain
 the walls for an aged look.

To get a heavy antique, crinkled effect,
I pressed a sheet of crumpled plastic into the glaze,
 then daubed and pounced it
 until satisfied with how it looked. 


The result is a wall that looks like worn leather,
 and a happy homeowner
 who now could welcome her guests
with style and comfort.



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  1. WOW! I am impressed! You are a magician!


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