Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paint it Red!

Red is my favorite color. 
Sassy or classy, red always commands attention.

And red never goes out of style. 
 Regardless of the latest trend,
some form of red will always be in fashion. 
While finding the shade of red
that works best for a room's decor can be a challenge,
using this exciting color
 is guaranteed to bring drama and style to any space. 
Its worth the effort!

Not long ago, I met with a designer
who asked for my help in creating red walls
to complement the red and gold drapery fabric
she planned to use in the room. 

The wall color is Brick Red (Benjamin Moore).
The ceiling color is  Ponytail (Pittsburg Paint),
which is the same color 
used on all the walls throughout the home.
Repeating this color on the ceiling
 established a visual link with the rest of the home.
 Another benefit of painting the ceiling
was to feature the crown molding in the room.

An oversided damask design was stenciled onto the wall. 
  Damask is a traditional wallpaper motif,
but using it on such a large scale made it "fresher." 
A 'dirty' brown-black glaze
 was pounced over the entire surface
 to bring some dimension and character to the walls.

The result was a comfortable,
but elegant room where guests will linger.



  1. Hi there, I am redecorating my living room and just happened to find your blog. First, thank you for explaining the "damask" design. It's difficult to research a style/pattern without knowing the proper name. Second, may I ask where you got your stencil from? I'm hoping to find a website that offers a variety of these traditional patterns to select from. I'm dreading the idea of doing it wrong and the end result being less than vertical, but if I can do it well as you have it will be great. I hope this message finds you, thanks in advance for any feedback. -Kenneth

  2. Thank you Kenneth for taking the time to write, and I've sent you a longer personal reply, but I would like to recommend to everyone two stencil companies that I enjoy using: Royal Design Studio and Cutting Edge Stencils. Both have a wealth of designs to inspire and high quality templates that stand up to the most demanding projects. Wishing you well with your living room. Have fun!


Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I enjoy hearing from you!

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