Sunday, July 4, 2010

Second-hand Rose

My friend and partner in Hungtington House Designs, Miss Sherry, is an avid scrounger!  She combs second-hand stores, resale shops, antique stores, flea markets and estate sales for treasures of all descriptions.  Usually her bounty is glassware and porcelain, but sometimes she returns with something inspiring for me to paint.

One of her excursions turned up this vanity and chair.  Of course they looked different then!

The vanity was a real bargain.  Miss Sherry purchased it for a mere $10!  No repairs were needed, just a lot of sanding priming and painting.  Because this vanity was going to our shop at the Tea Party Castle, we chose a pink and white color scheme.  What little princess doesn't like pink?

The drawer posed a small problem.  It was drilled for a handle with screws 2.5" apart, but all the replacement handles I could find were spaced at 3" or 4".  A trip to a nearby shop that sells specialty wood trim helped solve the problem. By adding a few decorative pieces of trim, I was able to switch from a handle to a knob.
The crystal knob was my little treasure find from the wood shop.  It had been a special order, but the client decided on a different style.  That change of mind became my good forturne.  This is a beauty!

                     Keeping the painting simple, I added some pink roses to the corner of the vanity.

  I painted roses, using those in my garden as inspiration, while Miss Sherry recovered the cushion with pink dotted fabric.  She finished it off with a bow of pink tulle.

Didn't it turn out nicely?

So off to the shop this vanity went, to await its new home!

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  1. The work you did is fabulous: you were able to give at the same time a classic touch, a young touch, a simple once, and a fantasy one. Bravo!


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