Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Tale of Two Tables

Proving once again that one man's trash is another man's treasure,
I searched though a nearby second-hand shop l
ooking for a table that would fit into a corner of my living room.

Nothing on the main floor of the store caught my eye,
but in the back,  where items patiently wait their turn
to be priced and placed on the sales floor,
 I spied a round wooden table. 
The simple, uncluttered style appealed to me
 -- it was classic yet modern. 
 And, it seemed to be the right size - large enough to hold a lamp,
some books, cup of tea and the occasional lounging cat.

Smiling happily, I took my new friend home with me.
   Just for a moment, I considered keeping the blonde wood,
but soon decided it would look better as ebony. 
The next day I sanded and painted.

As I worked I kept thinking about other things I saw at the store. 
 There was an authentic 1930's telephone
 and a sterling silver tray with years of patina on it. 
Should I run back to the shop and claim them?

No, because while these were interesting,
 what really tugged at my imagination was another table. 
 It was a solid mahogany with vaguely Vicotria styling,
 and it was painted just the way I would have done it myself. 
It could go into my room without any work on my part. 
 I gave myself a stern talking to about being frivolous.....
but a purchase is only frivolous
 if you neither need it or use it, right?

So within an hour I had driven back to the store,
and returned home with the second table and had it neatly tucked into a corner opposite it's companion.

 2 days + 2 tables = One happy woman!


  1. I just love what you did! WOW! Thanks for sharing! The round one is my favorite.

  2. hi sharon,
    i found you via sherry at creations from my heart. i'm now a follower of yours. you do great work! stop over and say hi when you can.


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