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One Bench to Go!

This week, the unthinkable happened ----- I ran out of storage room!
When you paint furniture, things tend to pile up.  There are finished projects waiting for a new home, pieces ready to be delivered to clients, and rescued pieces patiently waiting their turn to be refreshed. This painted bench took up valuable floor space.  IF only I could find a new place for it.  But wait!  This weekend we will visit my parents. It seemed a perfect time to bring them a gift!  Yes, near their back door was a spot that begged for a place to sit.  They didn't know it yet, but they needed a bench! We made this bench from a cast-off twin bed.  I like its clean and classic lines, but what really delights me is the fact that this was an old piece of furniture with a new purpose. 
Now that I knew where the bench would be going, I could choose fabric for a cushion and pillows.  A quick trip to the fabric store where I found a pretty black and white toile print for the cushion and some coordinating fa…

1--2--3 Mahogany

  Miss G, a friend, purchased these corbels  at one of those big discount decor stores.  She couldn't resist them because they were on sale for $20.   But the corbels were made of lightweight composite - not wood, and so she asked if I could make them look like mahogany. 
I needed to create a "passable" mahogany   that would blend with her existing cabinets. 
 THREE STEPS will work for any project  where a quick wood effect is needed.
If you wanted to do this on a larger surface  - a door for example, the process would be the same, but you'd apply the glazes in the grain of the wood,  just as if you were building a door,  board by board...rail, stile, header and panels.   STEP ONE - background color.    Benjamin Moore Brick Red (# 2084-10)   is my go-to color for mahogany.

STEP TWO - Mix a purplish-black, eggplant colored glaze. Think of a glaze like a stain. A glaze makes paint transparent - perfect for graining or marbling. Ask for glazing medium at your local p…

Detour into the Kitchen: Just Peachy!

Although I usually write about being creative with paint,
there certainly are other ways to express our creativity.  
Maybe its tending the vegetables in your garden, 
baking cookies, or even sorting out the garage. 
It seems to me that each time we put our hands to work
and strive to do it well, we are creating. 

 Art is the overflow of a heart filled with life. Today, my creativity found its voice as I canned peaches.   We live in an area ripe with fruit and vegetable farms. 
All around town there are roadside markets
offering freshly picked produce.  
This is the one where I usually shop. 

 And happy day, the Red Haven peaches are in! 
These peaches have a wonderful red color
rouged onto a fuzzy yellow skin.  
Because these freestone beauties ripen early in the season,
they are my favorite choice for canning.
The only thing more satisfying than biting into a ripe peach
and feeling the juice run down your chin,
is to enjoy them mid-winder
when January's snow is pounding at the door.

More Pink!

Little girls and their mothers love PINK. This bedroom was for a pre-school sweetheart who was making the transition into her big-girl room.  While she wanted PINK, Mom didn't want a room with a theme,  but rather a room her little girl could grow with and enjoy for many years.
The decorator had chosen some lovely fabric  for the drapery and bed linens, then asked if I would paint some  false molding on the walls to echo the style of the furniture.

Starting with a blank PINK canvas,  I laid out the design, measured the placement of the moldings on the wall  and decided what proportion might be pleasing to the eye.   Who knew painting would involve so much math!

Painter's Tape is a tool I can't do without.  For this project I used miles of it! 
Rather than paint the design in a "trompe l'oeil" style  - a realistic style creating the illusion that you are looking at the real thing, we agreed on a softer, looser, and more painterly style that suited the dreamy quality of t…

Bunny Bliss

The charming world of Beatrix Potter and her animal friends inspired this nursery.  The mother-in-waiting chose a pale aqua color for the walls.  Accents of yellow and green were used so that the room could welcome either a baby boy or girl.
Mimicking the illustrative style of Beatrix Potter, I set about creating a fantasy garden that would serve as a backdrop for this tranquil room.  Muted washes of green fading into distant blue, whimsical trees flanking the window and scattered field flowers made you feel as though you were walking into a story book when stepping into the room.

The room took shape as the furniture began to arrive.  An upholstered rocker nestled into a corner becomes a cozy spot for a late night feeding.

Mrs. Rabbit and her three 'good little bunnies', Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail are painted under the window.  Peter has hopped off and gotten into mischief in Mr. McGregor's garden!

This wonderfully painted furniture served as the inspiration for the …