Sunday, August 15, 2010

Detour into the Kitchen: Just Peachy!

Although I usually write about being creative with paint,
there certainly are other ways to express our creativity.  
Maybe its tending the vegetables in your garden, 
baking cookies, or even sorting out the garage. 
It seems to me that each time we put our hands to work
and strive to do it well, we are creating. 

 Art is the overflow of a heart filled with life.
Today, my creativity found its voice as I canned peaches.  
We live in an area ripe with fruit and vegetable farms. 
All around town there are roadside markets
offering freshly picked produce.  
This is the one where I usually shop. 

 And happy day, the Red Haven peaches are in! 
These peaches have a wonderful red color
rouged onto a fuzzy yellow skin.  
Because these freestone beauties ripen early in the season,
they are my favorite choice for canning.

The only thing more satisfying than biting into a ripe peach
and feeling the juice run down your chin,
is to enjoy them mid-winder
when January's snow is pounding at the door.

So each year I assemble my canning supplies
and get down to work. 
 It's a gift I give my family.

Creativity, both the cooking and painting kind, can be very messy! I'll not embarass myself with photos of peach skins in the sink or sticky pans on the stove. 
So here's the beginning.
And a few hot, steamy hours later, I am rewarded with these.

The jars looked so pretty,
 that I couldn't  bear to close
 them in the cupboard.
So until the next bushel is ready to be canned,
 I'll leave these on the counter to be admired. 
Looking at them makes me smile. 

How will you be creative today?  

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