Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Pink!

Little girls and their mothers love PINK.
This bedroom was for a pre-school sweetheart
who was making the transition into her big-girl room. 
While she wanted PINK,
Mom didn't want a room with a theme,
 but rather a room her little girl could grow with
and enjoy for many years.

The decorator had chosen some lovely fabric
 for the drapery and bed linens,
then asked if I would paint some
 false molding on the walls to echo the style of the furniture.

Starting with a blank PINK canvas,
 I laid out the design,
measured the placement of the moldings on the wall
 and decided what proportion might be pleasing to the eye. 
 Who knew painting would involve so much math!

Painter's Tape is a tool I can't do without. 
For this project I used miles of it! 

Rather than paint the design in a "trompe l'oeil" style
 - a realistic style creating the illusion
that you are looking at the real thing,
we agreed on a softer, looser,
and more painterly style
that suited the dreamy quality of the room.

And so, with a little shading and line work,
the molding gradually took shape.....

.......until the entire room was complete.

Wouldn't this be a cozy place to take an afternoon nap?


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  1. Oh MY Sharon...
    This is a dream room. I love pink and your work is just beautiful. I love the close-up photo of the roses! Just stunning....


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