Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Bench to Go!

This week, the unthinkable happened ----- I ran out of storage room!

When you paint furniture, things tend to pile up.  There are finished projects waiting for a new home, pieces ready to be delivered to clients, and rescued pieces patiently waiting their turn to be refreshed.
This painted bench took up valuable floor space. 
IF only I could find a new place for it. 
But wait!  This weekend we will visit my parents. It seemed a perfect time to bring them a gift!  Yes, near their back door was a spot that begged for a place to sit.  They didn't know it yet, but they needed a bench!
We made this bench from a cast-off twin bed.  I like its clean and classic lines, but what really delights me is the fact that this was an old piece of furniture with a new purpose. 

Now that I knew where the bench would be going, I could choose fabric for a cushion and pillows.  A quick trip to the fabric store where I found a pretty black and white toile print for the cushion and some coordinating fabric for pillows. 

 Miss Mustard Seed, inspired me by using a painter's drop cloths as home decor fabric. 

Now, I use drop cloths every day, and never once thought about using them for anything else but catching splatters of paint.  But I was intrigued, and decided to use some of this material for the pillows.

The slightly nubby fabric was a perfect companion to the geometric print on the front of the pillow.  The drop cloth pressed beautifully and didn't fray with handing -- unlike the more costly fabric!


Because the gals in our family all lo-o-o-ove RED, I had to add some red trim to the pillow.  I found a packet of soutache braid in the bottom of my sewing basket as well as some red buttons from a long-ago winter coat.

A few frantic hours of sewing and the project was ready for its trip.  But would it fit into the back of our vehicle?  Along with my portable paint sprayer because Mother would like her kitchen table and chairs of course! 

I'll let you know how it goes.


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