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Fun with a Friend

It's always fun when a friend calls and asks for help in finishing off a project for her home.  That's what happened recently when a member of my Book Club called and asked me to paint a border in her young daughter's room.  So off I went to have some fun!
The room already looked cute as can be.   It was very feminine - painted pale lavender with soft white furnishings.  The drapery panels were made from bridal satin, trimmed with silk flowers.  

My friend wanted a strand of pearls painted around the top of the room,  which meant painting lots of small dots.  All the tools I needed to do the job I found in the kitchen!  Here's a quick tip on how to get a perfect swag each and every time:   use kitchen string.  Tape one end of the string to the wall.   Unwind a length of string along the wall  until you find an appealing size and shape for your swag.  Tape the other end to the wall. 
The natural weight of the string will naturally fall into a curved, symmetrical shape.    Use a…

Out of the Basement

Years ago, this library table sat forgotten in the basement of my in-law's home.  It was piled high with rusty cans of old house paint and covered in dust.  I learned that the table originally came from my husband's grandmother's house. His mother sat there to do her to do her schoolwork, and so for that reason alone, I needed to rescue the table from its ignoble setting.
 That's how the table came to its place of honor in our foyer.  We happily toss our keys and drop the mail onto it, and it's the perfect spot for a few holiday decorations.  I liked everything about this table except --its legs!  So every so often I would make a new skirt to hide them.

This week I decided it was time for a new skirt.  Rather than use pricey fabric, I made this one with a new painter's drop cloth, adding a thin painted stripe for embellishment.  Painting the drop cloth was so easy - after all the fabric is made to attract and absorb paint.

I gathered one edge of the drop cloth,…

A Name for Baby

Isn't this a beautiful room?  Applause for Mary Grace and her line of couture baby bedding, Baby Bellagio.   She did another outstanding job!  The fabrics are a frothy mix of pink and peach with lace overlays and ribbons ...very feminine and delicate. I enjoyed being part of this lovely project.

Rather than paint the banner with the baby's name directly on the wall, we decided to paint it on canvas, and create a decal that could easily be removed later. The banner would be about 36" long. I used a snippet of ribbon to show me how the folds in the banner would appear. 
TheMad Stencilist provided the vinyl lettering template. 
 I've mentioned this service before; 
its one I rely upon often because it saves me so much time in drafting the letters. 
 The font is one of my favorites -"Chopin."

With the template secured to the banner, its a simple matter to paint the letters.  
 Just color between the lines! 
  Three colors were stippled across the letters to give them a bi…