Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun with a Friend

It's always fun when a friend calls and asks for help
in finishing off a project for her home. 
That's what happened recently when a member of my Book Club called
and asked me to paint a border in her young daughter's room. 
So off I went to have some fun!

The room already looked cute as can be. 
 It was very feminine - painted pale lavender with soft white furnishings. 
The drapery panels were made from bridal satin, trimmed with silk flowers.  

My friend wanted a strand of pearls painted around the top of the room,
 which meant painting lots of small dots. 
All the tools I needed to do the job I found in the kitchen! 
Here's a quick tip on how to get a perfect swag each and every time: 
 use kitchen string. 
Tape one end of the string to the wall. 
 Unwind a length of string along the wall
 until you find an appealing size and shape for your swag. 
Tape the other end to the wall. 

The natural weight of the string will naturally fall into a curved, symmetrical shape.  
 Use a pencil ( I use watercolor pencils)
to lightly trace the line of the string onto the wall. 

For the pearls, I grabbed another kitchen item - a cork! 
By dipping the end of an ordinary kitchen cork into white paint,
I could paint several equal sized circles quickly and easily. 
Tap!  Tap!  Tap! 
Easy as that!

I finished each strand of pearls with a tassel.
Then, a chandelier silhouette.
A vinyl pre-cut design was found on-line.
 These vinyl wall designs are an easy to add a special detail to any room
.....and they're reasonably priced, too. 

Once installed, I lightly painted some shadows on it
 so that it looked  like the pearls and tassels.

My friend added some extra glitz and glam
 by gluing gems and crystals to the chandelier.
 In the end she had a very sweet room for her little girl.



  1. lovely!! perfect!!! you really did a great job.

  2. WOW! as usual: WOW! You are the best!

  3. That is fabulous, Sharon! If my baby girl didn't share a room with her twin brother, I'd be all over this! I HAVE to show my sister.

    Holiday blessings,


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