Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Name for Baby


Isn't this a beautiful room? 
Applause for Mary Grace and her line of couture baby bedding, Baby Bellagio. 
 She did another outstanding job! 
The fabrics are a frothy mix of pink and peach with lace overlays and ribbons
...very feminine and delicate.  
 I enjoyed being part of this lovely project.

Rather than paint the banner with the baby's name directly on the wall,
we decided to paint it on canvas,
and create a decal that could easily be removed later.
The banner would be about 36" long.
I used a snippet of ribbon to show me how the folds in the banner would appear. 

The Mad Stencilist provided the vinyl lettering template. 
 I've mentioned this service before; 
its one I rely upon often because it saves me so much time in drafting the letters. 
 The font is one of my favorites -"Chopin."

With the template secured to the banner, its a simple matter to paint the letters.  
 Just color between the lines! 
  Three colors were stippled across the letters to give them a bit more dimension.

Remove the template, strengthen the shadows, 
cut out the design  and the little banner was ready for hanging!

If you look closely you'll see that I added some "bling" to the dot on the letter "I"....couldn't help myself!


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