Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fireplace Focus

While some prefer simple, clean-lined design, others revel in complexity, finding joy in mixing layers of color, texture and pattern for a visual and tactile experience.

This fireplace falls into the second category. 
 It's part of a feature wall that stands directly opposite the glass entry doors in a bright, stylish foyer.  By its very location it is the focal point of the entry and commands attention, but the client and I agreed that it needed some drama.

The client wanted to play up the antique gold mirror frame
and she did not flinch about using color and texture on the wall.  She chose a multi-layered design composed of gold leaf applied to a base of crinkled tissue.

Because the technique would cover the existing paint entirely,
there was no need to paint the wall first.  I could jump right in to the fun part!  Here are the first pieces of tissue being applied to the wall.

Tissue paper can be applied to the wall with paint
 I found some dark purple paper at the craft store.    
Working with crumpled sheets of tissue in one hand
and a roller laden with paint in the other,
I continued to cover the wall.

Once dry, squares of gold leaf were applied randomly. 
It was slow going, first with tissue, then with gold leaf. 
 Excess pieces of gold leaf fluttered to the floor
and defied being swept up. 
 Other pieces stuck to my fingers and landed in my hair.

The final step in the process was to antique the wall with a dark brown stain, giving the entire wall an aged bronze glow. 
The purple works well in this instance because it is the accent color used throughout the home. 
All in all, a dynamic, welcoming feature to a unique home.


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