Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frame up

Just as the right accessories make an outfit look fabulous, the right accessories for your home can complete a room and make it look fabulous, too.

A client wanted to hang this mirror in her dining room, but the color needed a change.  The yellow-gold leafing on the frame was too gaudy for her muted neutral style.  Could I make the frame more more silvery?  More like champagne?  And leave a little of the gold showing?  But not too much?

I gathered a few items from the studio shelves and began to work.  You can easily find these items, or similar ones, at your paint store.  For this project I used:  Pratt-Lambert Winslow Gray #2270 mixed by my Sherwin Williams store as a tester, Modern Masters Warm Silver, an opaque metal paint, and Valspar spray paint in Brushed Nickel.

I began tapping the Winslow Gray paint onto the frame.  The name is mis-leading as Winslow Gray actually is teriffic neutral beige!  I used an inexpensive chip brush for this step, randomly tapping and pushing on the color.  I didn't want complete coverage, but left some of the gold showing.  

Using the same rough brush, I dabbed on some of the Modern Masters Warm silver.  A nice contrast was developing between the flat wall paint and the metallic paint.


As a highlight, I lightly misted areas with the Valspar Brushed Nickle spray paint.   A final sanding adds some distressing and reveals small areas of the frame's original red primer.    The frame was ready for its new home!


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  1. This mirror is simply lovely. I have a mirror frame to redo and so I will keep your technique in mind.


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