Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Kitchen Encounter

The kitchen is the heart of any home.  It's here children do their schoolwork, family meals are served and friends gather for a cup of coffee and a chat.  We like our kitchens to function well, and look good while doing it.

This kitchen was fun to do because my client, an ambitious and capable woman, did so much of the remodeling herself.  From installing the ceramic tile, to nailing up the crown molding, she was very involved in the work. 

My job was to add the finishing touches to the walls. 
We discussed several options and settled on a rustic stone texture that would complement her European Modern style.

I began by painting the room with metallic bronze paint.
  That alone would have looked great, but adding the rough stone texture gave the room its unique personality.  The stone was troweled onto the wall in a vertical fashion, allowing some of the bronze to peek through.

Step 1-Stone texture added over bronze walls
When dry, I sealed the wall and rubbed on
some chocolate colored stain.
  The contrast between the metallic paint
and the rough texture was interesting.

Step 2-Dark brown stain generously applied

Step 3- Ready for furniture and accessories.
At the other end of the kitchen,
 I turned my attention to the newly built hood fan. 
 We decided to give it a hammered bronze effect,
which  was very effective in the room.

The frame was built of plywood with a wonderful piece of wood trim forming the bottom edge. 
 I applied stucco to the flat surface, then used a stencil
and some more stucco to create the center medallion. 
After it was dry, I used some bronze paint (love bronze!)
 and stained it black to capture the relief.

In the end, this kitchen offers a generous serving of style and function that would satisfy any family.


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