Sunday, October 31, 2010

There's a Cat on my Chest!

When you have cats, nothing is off-limits to them.  They will nap anywhere you wish they wouldn't.  Sometimes I find them sleeping contentedly on folded laundry still warm from the drier, and sometimes (oh dear!) on a painting project.

By the time I thought to snap a BEFORE photo, I'd already sanded, primed and painted the chest in Antique White.  Guess I got off to a fast start!

Originally this had been a honey colored cedar chest that belonged to my client's Mother, but she wanted to use it in her own bedroom.  Could I dress it up to go with her antique green color scheme? Could I paint it traditional looking, but whimsical, too? 

I had decided to paint traditional floral motifs on each end, and got those done quickly.  BUT the rest of the chest stumped me.  Since problems are best solved over a cup of tea, (and maybe a bit of chocolate) I left the studio to take a break and returned to find one of the cats perched on top.   He sat there for hours, just watching me as I painted.

I enjoy working on furniture, epecially when a client tells me "just have fun with it."

Usually the architectural elements on the piece are my inspiration.  Moldings define spaces that can be painted with a pattern.  For example, the front of this chest had vertical boards that begged for stripes.  Then to balance out the wide stripes, I painted narrow ones on the skirting with casual swipes of the brush. 
Tip:  repeat patterns, but change the scale

Add more patterns - like the trellis design on the yellow stripes, and the rose buds on the green.   

Tip:  Mix patterns for extra interest
                Move the cat so you can paint the top, then take away that "new paint" look with some dark brown glaze.
Tip:  Antiquing always adds character


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