Sunday, November 7, 2010

Add Some Architecture

Versailles - Galerie des Glaces/Hall of Mirrors

 Ah, for the good ol' days when homes had architectural details!

But what we lack today
 can be added by a skilled carpenter, a handy husband,
 or a determined woman with a mitre saw and a nail gun.

Humble or grand, it's always fun to see
 how a little bit of trim molding
can make a big statement in any room.

By the time I arrived at this home,
many months of kitchen renovation had been completed.
 All that remained was one final item to be finished
-- this entablature on the breakfast island.  
Built of wood by a talented craftsman,
 the designer asked me to make it look like
the limestone tile used behind the stove. 



Another example of adding some architectural interest to a room is found this bathroom. 
The lady of the house wanted to create a restful and soothing spot
where she could relax at the end of the day. 
First the walls were painted a butterscotch color to show off the tile. 
 Two columns were added at either end of the tub, followed by crown molding. 
The columns looked very plain until I painted them with a soft marble effect.



Here is a project currently in progress. 
Open floor plans are great for entertaining,
but how to define the spaces?
 This long wall linked kitchen to living room. 
But where did one room start and the other room end?
 With the addition of molding,
the areas are now separate, and more interesting.

we're testing paint colors

This family room benefited from
 the talent and skill of Greg,
a wonderful carpenter I'm always glad to recommend. 
What began as an empty box of a room
 now has personality plus. 
Using ready-made cabinets,
Greg added crown, onlays, columns and rope moldings
 to make this very special, one-of a kind entertainment center. 

I had the easy part - lightly antique the cabinets to go with the client's shabby-chic decor.


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