Sunday, November 21, 2010

Powder Rooms - Bold Baths

Let's turn up the volume and enjoy some bold baths.  There is nothing subtle about these rooms. They command attention!

Recently, I read about color trends for the new year and it looks as if metallics are still going to be big - both in fashion and decor.  Good news, as so many of my clients ask for walls with a shimmer.  Let me share two bold, but elegant examples with you.

This bold purple bath is attached to a honey colored master bedroom accented with deep purple.
  These two color families, yellow and purple, are opposite one another on the color wheel.
Pairing such combinations always creates a dynamic color scheme.

This guest bath began with walls deep terra cotta walls. 
Opaque gold was brushed across the surface,
 followed by a dark stain -- the perfect background for my client's tapestry-like fabric and stunning black towels.  

Color and texture combine
to make a very stylish bath with vintage charm. 
The walls feature layers of cracked stucco in colors that mimic the framed map. 
But it's the dashing red wall that offers the excitement.

This little bath was designed for children, but grown-ups like it, too. 
 Because the room was small, we   opted to paint everything crisp, clean white to match the tub and tile.  It's the bright lady bug rug and the whimsical painting that brings a smile and makes this room memorable.  

Here's another bath designed for a child. 
 This time it's a young outdoorsman. 
 His bath was painted to look like a rustic cabin,
 just like the one he visited with his grandfather.  
The lower half of the room was traditional white and black tile, so the bold paint scheme doesn't overwhelm the room.

Regardless of your preferences - bold and sassy, or understated and calm, there's a style for your bath that will be uniquely yours.


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