Sunday, November 14, 2010

Powder Rooms - stylish and neutral

Powder rooms come in a variety of styles,
from fun to fancy. 
These little gems are a great place
to let your imagination take flight. 
Some people go for the bold,
 while others prefer more subtle color.

Here's proof that a neutral color scheme 
doesn't mean dull or boring. 
Let's look at some powder rooms and see some possibilities.

When I first saw this powder room,
the paneled molding gave the it a formal library look,
but the stark white walls were too harsh. 
By adding a light cafe-au-lait glaze all the way around,
the room gained personality. 
Of course the Venetian mirror
and the silk window valance
 certainly did more than their part! 

These walls are lightly textured
with champagne colored fresco that feels like suede.
Though the walls may be neutral, 
I painted the ceiling  dark chocolate 
for a dash of excitement. 
Would you enjoy a painted ceiling in your powder room?

Also neutral, this bath shows off a vintage wallpaper effect. 
Yes, it did take while to apply the stencil design,
but once it was in place, the fun began.  
In order to make the walls look old and tea-stained,
I rubbed on dark brown glaze,
then spattered the wall with flecks of black paint
and scratched the surface with a dry brush. 
Instant "old"!

Not all neutral rooms are beige. 
This one is grey! 
The homeowner disliked the grey ceramic tile on the floor,
but replacing it wasn't practical. 
So instead of fighting against the color,
 I suggested we work with it. 
We decided on walls that were heavily textured
and looked like like old stone,
 mixing grey, charcoal and brown colors. 
The ceiling was painted charcoal for drama. 
And suddenly the grey tile looked like
 it was an integral part of the room.

So for those who enjoy a neutral color scheme,
don't be intimidated by your flamboyantly colorful sisters.
By mixing patterns and textures within your color palette
 your rooms can be equally exciting and stylish.



  1. You are a girl after my own heart! I love to paint! Painting has got me through some really hard times and made the fun ones more fun. I have always said that a coat of paint can fix just about anything and have spent 30 years proving that. What fun to stop by today and find another like me. Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas.

  2. You ARE inspiring me! I love that chocolate ceiling...


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