Sunday, November 28, 2010

A School Project: Painted Table

It's always a treat when asked to help with a fund-raising event. Recently one of my clients asked if I would be willing the paint a table for an auction at her son's school.  
 Another Mom woulddonate the table, so all I needed was a design.

Because this was a boy's academy,
there'd be no frills, nothing cute or girly,
no polka dots,
no squiggles,
no bling. 
Oh dear! 
Plus the table had to have broad appeal
for the parents who'd be bidding on it. 

Inspiration came from a school T-shirt
bearing the logo and a collage of words associated with the school.

Further inspiration came from Jami at Freckled Laundry,
who shared her tutorial on painting zinc. 
Check it out! 
You'll be eager to try out her technique.   
 This little table seemed like a good place to start.

I sprayed the table black

Added some nail head trim

Brushed on three shades of silver

and blended, blended , blended

The lettering template is peeled away
 Hugh, from The Mad Stencilist
 is a great resource for lettering templates. 
Take some time to explore his web-site and you'll want to find a place in your home for some lettering!   
 He took the image of school logo and the word collage and adjusted the scale to fit the table top perfectly. 
 Perfect lettering every time. 
What a lifesaver his business is!

I delivered the table to my client, then crossed my fingers that it would be a success at the school auction. 
Did the table make the grade?  
I'll let you know.


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