Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Friezing!

The month of December always is busy
as people scramble
 to get their homes ready for the holidays. 
Large  projects will wait until the New Year,
but right smaller ones are plentiful.


One of  this week's projects.
I was in a bathroom re-working an impressive wallpaper frieze
so that it went with the new decor. 
This is Lincrusta,
a deeply embossed wallpaper made from linoleum.  

Before - isn't this wonderful?

The plan was to lighten the colors using grey and silver,
and add some sparkle, too. 
But first it had to be painted to match the wood trim.

Let's begin with a blank canvas

Then add some silver highlights

Rather than use silver leaf,
which would have been messy and time consuming,
I opted for a jar of Silver Leaf paint found at the craft store. 
The silver paint highlighted the edges of the design. 
Next, a grey glaze went over everything
giving it an aged effect. 

Overall it looked like a wonderfully aged tin ceiling. 
But we weren't finished quite yet. 

The client wanted the bathroom to sparkle like snowflakes!
 A sprinkling of Swarovski crystals was added to the design. 
With the large mirror and crystal accessories,
 the frieze positively shimmered,
and the entire bathroom looked wonderful.


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