Sunday, December 5, 2010

Looking Up

Ceilings often get neglected. We spend a lot of time and energy selecting the perfect paint color for our walls, but we often forget to consider the ceilings…and they comprise a large portion of our room’s real estate!  While WHITE always has been the safest and therefore the preferred color for a ceiling, it may be time to re-think that idea.

Ceilings offer a unique opportunity for self-expression. Adding a color, even a whisper of color, will change the entire mood of the room. 

But this ceiling isn't whispering, is it? 

With vibrant green, turquoise and bronze swirling like a wild sky, this ceiling was definitely fun to paint. Because the walls are so colorful, the ceiling needed drama for balance. But what gives this space its sophistication are the designer's carefully planned window treatments. The tailored design of the cornice boards is a perfect marriage with the bold color in the room.


Here's another ceiling.  It's a bit more understated, but still quite artistic.

First, the BEFORE:

The ceiling was the predominant feature in this room, but its color was lackluster.  Builders often choose greyed-white for their ceilings, a color that is much too cold and lifeless for this sunny room.

See how a little paint elevates the room?  Bringing the yellow color onto the ceiling makes the room feel warm and cozy.  The decorative painting is simply icing on the cake!

Want to test the water with a little ceiling color, but hesitate to try it in a public area of your home like a kitchen or dining room?   Then, why not begin your color adventure in a small bathroom, like this.   It's a great place to start.    

 Who says you can't paint a small room black!

I often recommend that my clients paint their ceilings - if only to change a grey-white white into a creamy, soft white. 

But remember these things:

  •  Keep the primary ceiling areas of the home simple.
  •  Pay attention to the room’s lighting, both natural and   artificial.
  • Paint color on the ceiling will look darker than if it were on the wall.
  • Repeat the ceiling color elsewhere in the room for balance


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