Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year!

Everyone wants to do something festive on New Year's Eve -- what's more festive than watching two people get married and then toasting them all night?

Just before Christmas I met a bride-to-be who was putting the final touches on her New Year's Eve wedding.  She was planning a party with her bridesmaids and wanted me to paint the wine glasses with each girl's initial and some whimsical icy-blue polka dots that matched their gowns.

You don't have to be planning a wedding to enjoy painting some wine glasses.  They are a great gift for the wine-lover in your family, or a teriffic hostess gift.  But you may be tempted to keep them for yourself.  I'm planning to paint some for our home.

These are basic white wine glasses, purchased at K-mart (by Jacklyn Smith $8 for a set of four). 

My local sign shop made a stencil of each initial.  Cut from vinyl, the paper easily stuck to the glass and fit nicely onto the curved surface of the glass.  Don't you love the quirky "Gigi" font? 

Krylon makes a variety of spray products for any DIY project.  Have you seen them?  There 's fabulous metallic paint (love the gold for the holidays), as well as textured stone, hammered metal, paint for plastic and sooo much more.   I used Frosted Glass in Pearl Grey to give the initials an etched look.  PermEnamel makes teriffic glass paint.  And what luck - the Cape Cod Grey color matched the bridesmaid dresses perfectly!

But how to spray paint the initials without getting anything on the rest of the glass?    A little tape and a peek-a-boo window cut into an office folder solved that problem.

I secured the edges of the vinyl stencil

then made a mask out of an office folder

With a spritz or two of paint, the glasses were set aside to dry

Peel off the stencil and admire

A small round brush made the whimical polka dots.  Tied with a pretty bow, these glasses were dressed up and ready for the party!

a sheer ribbon tied on the stem is sooo girly!


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