Sunday, January 30, 2011

Change of Paint

the view from my porch
  Maybe its the icy, wintry weather keeping us inside that makes us want to feather our nest. Or maybe its the start of a new year and the promise to tackle those projects that have been set a side for a while.

Whatever the reason, with a burst of energy, I decided this was a good time to freshen up our den.  Out with the old, and in with the new color ---rich, chocolate brown with white beadboard.



The den is my husband's room -- a place for him to put all his guy stuff.  Years ago he bought a massive oak roll top desk, oak bookcases as well as an oak display case & filing cabinets for his room.  Did I mention he likes oak?? 

But the room never was a cozy retreat.  And it was my fault.

I ignored the room, because I didn't know how (or want) to work with all that oak.  But now there's a plan:

My attitude changed, when I treated my husband like a client and listened to him.  (lesson learned!)   Who knew he had a design style?  Think  CRAFTSMAN - ART DECO - WILLIAM MORRIS -STICKLEY.  Its warm, cozy and masuline!

I'll keep you posted as the room comes together and becomes his very stylish "man cave."


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