Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun with Furniture

There's a growing stash of furniture in my workshop that begs to be painted.  Each time I look at it, I tell myself soon....soon...soon.

 No more procrastinating; it was time to begin!   I decided to tackle a few pieces at time, starting with the smaller ones, saving the larger pieces for a more ambitioius day.  A bit of sanding got the job started. 

The brick is holding a piece of veneer in place while the glue sets up.

Then two coats of stain blocking primer

After experimenting with lots of paint colors, I finally found the "perfect" shade of white for painting furniture. (shhhh! Can you keep a secret?  It's Sherwin Williams Westhighland White).    

Funny how after working to get a nice smooth paint job, I then want to make it look old and abused.

Doesn't it look better with sanded edges?
A little bit of antique stain adds to the aged effect.  Slather it on, then wipe it away.                                     

Wipe off the stain, leaving some to settle in the edges.

As I worked, I imagined the table would go into our newly painted den.  I just finished painting it dark chocolate brown with white beadboard. (I'll share that project with you when the final details are done).   Placed in front of the window,  the table would be a work surface for me, but more importantly, a place for the cats to nap in the sun. 

BUT---- it didn't took right.   Painted white, the table looked too "girly" for the room I share with my husband, so I wandered around the house looking for a spot where it could go, and settled on one of the guest bedrooms.  

So the hunt begins for another table....there are a few  thrift shops I've wanted to visit.  Who knows what treasures I'll find. 


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