Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Stone Kitchen

The house I worked in this week is under construction,
and chances are slim that I'll ever see
the totally finished room once the family moves in,
so I can't offer you any glorious before and after photos. 
But I thought you'd like to see how I spent the past few days. 

My job was to make the kitchen walls
look like dry stacked stone with a bit of creeping  ivy,
and a bumble bee or bug added as a little surprise for the eyes.  

    The first step was to give the client a rendering
 of what her wall would look like. 
She wanted a washed, painterly style with specific colors
 so it was important she knew what to expect before I started.

Here's the blank canvas.

I lightly brushed the walls
 with warm beige and brown diluted with water,
slip-slapping and fading the color in and out,
not worrying about brush marks or streaks. 

With an artist's brush dipped in umber
 the stone shapes were painted.


Then each stone was shaded and detailed.   Yup, all 537 of 'em!

Stone by stone I worked around the kitchen.

The vines came next -- just enough to soften the design.

And for fun, a butterfly near the light switch.
Fellow artist, Patty Henning, asked me to do this project.
 Happily, my feet were planted firmly on the ground,
while Patty shimmied up and down three stages of scaffolding as she painted the
ceiling decoration in the massive foyer.   

In addition to working with individual clients,
Patty is a regional representative for Caromal Colors
and teaches others how to do their own projects.
 If you've ever wanted to paint furniture,
or re-do outdated kitchen cabinets
 but didn't know how to begin,  
Caromal Colors is for you!  

 Designed for the DIY-er,
this no-nonsense line of paint eliminates the need
for stripping, priming and sanding,
while giving a professional look each and every time.
I had such fun in Patty's class trying out this product.
Read more here.



  1. That is the most amazing work I've ever seen! You are so incredibly talented! I am calling you for my next project.

  2. When you told me about this project I thought it would be beautiful, but it is truly a work of art. I found my self staring at all the wonderful detail and the beautiful workmanship. You are a true artist. This family is lucky to have had you do this project!

  3. Thank you both, Ann and Sherry. This was a fun project - and it was a treat to do. Glad you liked it!

  4. I got to see Sharon create this lovely finish first hand, and she is amazing! Thank you for your talents :)

  5. Just saw this post... oh my, this is awesome! I'm going to re-blog it if you don't mind, its just too great not to share.

  6. Awesome job!! As a faux finisher for 16 years, I was fooled at first! Love Patty and Caromal as well! I have been doing some fun stuff with the paints!


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