Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back Hall Makeover

Because the back entrance to this home is used more often than the front, this homeowner wanted to dress up her hallway. She wanted to greet her guests in style, but recognized that this room got a lot of use and abuse, so the walls needed to be pretty, but more importantly, they needed durabilty to match her busy family.

Here we go!
 We discussed lots of options before deciding on a limestone block effect. While we could have used texture to create the stone, we chose to use paint, because years down the road, it would be easier to change.

Ochre, van dyke brown, sienna, grey and cream were all used randomly to create the illusion of limestone. The rows of stone  were measured and penciled on the wall. I painted every other block in each row, so I wouldn't put my hand into wet paint as I worked across the wall.

When the walls were all done, the gout lines were painted between each stone.  A few vines were added and the back hall was ready for guests.



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