Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dressing Room Blues

Have you noticed how blue is popping up all over?
But its not the Country Blue of decades ago. 
It's blue with a new attitude.....
sort of a French Blue-Grey.
It looks grey in the can, but reads blue on the wall.

A recent master bedroom project used these fabrics.  The client chose Sherwin Williams, Naval, a rich Navy Blue
 for the bedroom walls.  
What a dramatic change from builder's beige!

fabric and paint colors
My challenge was to paint the dressing area
 so that it "married" the Navy Blue bedroom
with the Dark Brown bathroom. 

We needed a pattern. 
We needed shimmer.
It couldn't be dark.

Benjamin Moore New Hope Grey to the rescue!
It was the perfect transition color.

 Two glazes, dark brown and dark grey, were blended on the wall.
              Actually, the client liked the room at this point, 
but there was more to come. 
Bronze swirls made things more interesting.

And a veil of sheer gold went over everything.
Looks like wall paper, doesn't it?

Here's another view with the fabric used for the bedroom drapery.



  1. Hi Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog. Love yours, and happy to be your newest follower. Always on the lookout for inspiring decor blogs.


  2. love this room! great color! we may have to discuss some things in the near future.... we've been in one place for two-and-a-half years, time to repaint everything all over again! =)

  3. How did I miss this? The scrolls are so delicate, I love them!


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