Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For the Birds - a Design Detour

Usually I post only once a week, but I thought I'd share this with you now, so you'd have time to join the fun.

If you enjoy playing with color and design this might be for you.

Anne, from BirdLike, is hosting her first Linky Party on Monday.  She is a landscape designer who loves nature,  
and writes about home decor and fashion featuring birds.
Anne has cleverly combined both her passions,
 and wants to draw her readers into to mix.
Here's how.

  Each week she shares a photo of a bird. 
Then Anne challenges her readers to use the colors that Mother Nature provides to create a color scheme for a room design!

This week's bird is the Satin Bower Bird. 
Can you see his brilliant blue eye?
And what sort of room might his colors inspire?

Where and how to begin? 
Anne suggests an entertaining site that allows us to build our own story board:

This site is filled with every design element you can imagine to build a beautiful room -- perfect for testing out colors and combinations before starting your own project
...or playing with Anne.

On Monday,
Anne will have more details of the Party on her site, so watch for them.
Meanwhile, you might like to begin tinkering with your ideas.

I've started mine -- but you know there'll be changes!

playing around with photoshop

And my final result is this:   

 I went bold - with three walls painted bird-green
 and a feature wall in paper.
The large peacock art print is available at
and the royal blue sofa is from whiteroseproductions.
What fun!



  1. Sharon dear, I knew you'd be brilliant, I'm so glad you're joining in! and thank you so much for such a nice shout out. Everything you've chosen is unique and gorgeous -- and that peacock print!! I want you to come over right NOW and decorate my house! xxoo Anne

  2. Hi Sharon! This is so beautiful!! I love the bold colors you chose and that sofa is amazing!!! How fun to have the wallpaper and the peacock print is gorgeous! This was so fun and it is so nice to meet you! If I may ask where in Michigan do you live? I am in Holland.

  3. I had fun looking at your mood board. Brilliant choice for the walls and furniture. It would be hard not to smile in that room! Thanks for sharing your vision! :)

  4. This is gorgeous--I really love it! That feature wall is perfect and the peacock print is inspired.

  5. Love the bold colors. I just came over from Bird Like, this link party was a lot of fun, loved your results.

  6. I really like the peacock feather art. You did a nice job.

  7. I love this!I just went on olio board and signed up. I can't wait to learn how to do this!I have homework to do! I'm not a designer at all yet I am going for it!


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